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5 things your dog hates

Dogs are great companions and loyal protectors of their owners. If you own one, you’d agree on this. Just like your dog gets to know you with each passing time, they expect the same from you. That’s what they like and dislike. However, many dog owners leave their four-legged friends perplexed at times, and from the dog’s point of view, it’s annoying!! So, if you too aren’t aware of your behavior or actions your dog feels infuriating, here is my compilation of the top 5 things your dog hates about you.

Your dog hates these 5 things! So, be mindful of these the next time.

  1. Less use of body language over words!!

A dog may be your bestie, Valentine, or even your family’s heir, but none of these overpowers the fact that he/she finds your body language more convenient than your words. Yes, being a vocal species, we all love to chatter away, even with our dogs, but at their end, the majority of our chats go over their head. Even after months or years of training, they may only deduce words like sit, curl, play, etc. But in reality, dogs find your body postures and movements more engaging than the hour-long conversations. So, that’s one thing your and every dog hates about their owner!  

2. Hugging

We grew up knowing that wrapping our arms around someone is a symbol of our love, happiness, and other emotions towards him/her. But do dogs think that way? No, dogs aren’t evolved this way! It’s believed that when a dog sits a paw or foreleg over the back of another dog, it’s a sign of dominance over that dog. In the same way, when you wrap your arms around your dog, he feels the same no matter what’s your intention.

Now, this behavior isn’t exhibited by all dogs. While some breeds will revert with a wagging tail and smiling face, others may resort to barking and biting. Due to the same reason, babies aren’t allowed to hug any dog in their initial years. One more point to note here is that being extremely touchy and moody, dogs often react to hugs from different humans in a different manner. For example, if your hugs are soothing for him, he may find those from another family member (s) irritating.

3. Continuous patting on the head or face

Tell me, you too don’t like to be patted over your face or head, right? In the same way, dogs don’t admire being patted. To avoid this, they will either pull their head back or lean away to avoid your pats. The reason behind this behavior is that dogs assume pats as a foray into their personal space. So, it can be concluded that it’s a personal space issue for dogs as it’s for us. Being the owner, your dog may allow you to pat over his head or face, the same wouldn’t be the case with others. Due to this, you must teach your kids to pat any dog either on his back or rear. Going too close to the face can make dogs assume you to be a threat to them.

4. Continuously commanding him to go potty

Can you head to the bathroom at the command of others? No, you can’t!! Similarly, dogs find it irking if their owner tries to be the potty police! Be it a dog or any other animal, it’s important that you allow them to sniff around and locate that perfect spot. If not, either the dog will return without clearing his stomach or will do it later on, maybe indoors, if forced to do so. Hence, don’t be the potty police, and don’t command your dog to pee or poo at your ideal spots or times.

5. Rushing through while walking

To us, walking is a common exercise to keep ourselves fit and fresh. However, dogs take their walking routine in a bit different way. For dogs, it’s a shot to explore the outdoors, meet strangers, sniff here & there to find a perfect place for peeing or pooping, etc. In a nutshell, walking with you is leisure time for your dog and he’ll hate seeing you rushing through it! That’s the reason why dogs develop the habit of rushing out from their leash and staying back while you’re running well ahead of them.



Just like in the human world, a relationship goes smoothly if each of them knows what the other one likes or dislikes, in the same way, the relationship between a dog and his human can stride forward smoothly if both of them know each other better. Hence, keep the above things in mind, be careful not to repeat any of these actions.

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