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A Hero Bhutia Dog From Danda Nagaraja Temple

Bhutia Dog from danda Nagaraja Temple

About Danda Nagaraja Temple?

Danda Nagaraja Temple is a popular temple of Lord Krishna in Pauri Garhwal, Uttrakhand. As per the beliefs, Lord Krishna crawled all the way top of this hill first time in snake form, where now the temple Danda Nagaraja is standing. This temple is also very famous for the beautiful views from there and it is around 34 km from the main city Pauri Garhwal bus station.

A Family of 3 came to Pauri from Delhi

A family of a couple and a beautiful child (Ananya) from Delhi who visited Danda Nagaraja Temple in the month of September for devoting their prayer to Lord Krishna. The family reaches Danda Nagaraja Temple after doing a small hike from the road to the temple. After a few minutes, Ananya comes out of the temple while her parents were busy offering their prayers to Lord Krishna.

Bhutia Dog from danda Nagaraja Temple

How Sheru the Bhutia Dog saves Ananya?

Ten-year-old Ananya was feeding the bird close to Danda Nagaraja Temple when she fell by the rock into the dense jungle. A stray Bhutia dog named Sheru who was also sitting next to her waiting for his turn to get feed instantly started barking frantically. Ananya’s parents who were inside the temple when heard this came out scared shouting her name at the top of their voice. Ananya’s mom reveals that the dog helped them reach their injured daughter.

A lady from the nearby village who was working on her farm also noticed Sheru’s anxious continuous barking and responded by calling Sheru’s name. Sheru was from her village only so she knew him. Immediately she understood that someone is in trouble so she ran towards the jungle. Sooner Sheru finds Ananya who luckily got stuck on a tree. The lady who was farming near to that jungle reaches that spot following Sheru’s continuous barking. She helped Ananya pulling her out of the stinging branches of the tree. A few minutes later Ananya’s parents also reach the spot and take her to the nearby hospital. Ananya spent just a few days within the hospital recovering. Sheru was adopted by a household that lives in Satpuli, Pauri Garhwal after knowing Sheru’s heroism.

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