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All About Beagle Dog – Price, Health, Feeding, and Grooming

Beagle is one of the best canines for active households with children as well. Very energetic, carefree, and fun-loving small, compact hound dog is powered with his great smelling and hearing senses which make him excellent for small games mostly hare and rabbits. Being hound dogs Beagle can have a stubborn streak which will require patient and creative training techniques. We will cover All About Beagle Dog – Price, Health, Feeding, and Grooming in this post.

“First they steal your heart then they always try to steal your meals, sleep, shoes, attention, affection, and care. Every snack you make or meal you bake or take, he will be watching you tilting his head for the better pinpoint.”…~

beagle price in India
beagle price in India Starts from INR 15,000 – INR 30,000
Weight10 Kg – 11 Kg9 Kg – 10 Kg
Height36 Cm – 41 Cm33 Cm – 38 Cm

Basic Information of Beagle Dog:

Breed TypeHound
OriginEngland, United Kingdom
Life Span12-15 yrs
Litter Size3-7 puppies
Beagle dog/puppy priceInr 18,000 to Inr 30,000 across India
CoatShort haired, Hard coat for medium length.
Daily Exercise60-80 Minutes/ day to keep them happy, active and Healthy
Colour FoundLemon & White, Chocolate Tri, Red & White, Fawn and black and white
Temperament & SpecialitySmall game skills, Very Intelligent, Energetic, Loving, Gentle, Exitable
Training AdvicesEasy to train, Intelligent, Prey drive, Wanderlust Potential. Download the full training module
Affection LevelHigh
Energy LevelHigh
Tendency to BarkHigh
Average Body Temperature28-35 degree Celsius

Important Facts about Beagle Dog:

  • Beagle was originally bred in England 16th century for small games like a hare, rabbit, and other small prey hunting purposes.
  • Breeding is a bit tricky in Beagle as the best pairing is a larger female and small male dog but it is difficult to find that as mostly Beagle males are bigger than females.
  • Beagles are very well known for their howling and baying because of their wide throat which in French more poetically translated as “Loudmouth” meaning of Beagle.
  • Beagles can get bored if left alone in a home too lengthy. If left in a yard, Beagles will begin discovering methods to amuse themselves, often by howling, digging, or attempting to flee.
  • Beagles are not good at protection or guard because they’re usually friendly to everyone they meet. Beagle can allegedly alert you about the presence of unwanted visitors or can make your hectic day easy with his affection, positive attitude, and playful nature but do not expect him to protect, guard or retrieve.
beagle puppy price, health, feeding and grooming
beagle puppy price, health, feeding and grooming

Beagle dog/puppy price in India:

A Beagle pet costs in India- primarily, Beagle dog prices in Metro cities vary from Rs.18000- Rs.30000. We would advocate buying Beagle pet from the licensed breeders so that you can relax assured of getting original breed Beagle puppies. Though Beagle pups on the market in puppy mills or animal farms may cost you considerably lower, you run the chance of getting an unhealthy pet, which implies you’ll find yourself spending large quantities in his therapies and care.

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Beagle Dog Feeding:

Beagles are food cravers. They love to eat, raid your pantry or garbage, and steel the dog or human food because of their omnivorous appetites. They are always willing to eat until they pop on their healthy state. Everything they eat will either be beneficial or detrimental.

Generally, a Beagle puppy should be given 65-75 grams of food per Kilograms of his body weight per day while an adult Beagle should be given 30- 35 grams of food per kilograms of the bodyweight per day. It is very obvious that puppies have a higher activity level and for healthy growth, puppies do need more calories.

It is important to weigh your dog. A healthy and normal full-grown Beagle dog weighs anywhere between 8 to 10 kilograms. You can take your dog to a vet to weigh him. 90-95 calories per kilograms of body weight are sufficient for an average adult Beagle dog while 75-80 calories per kilograms of body weight are sufficient for senior dogs.

Starting from dam’s milk to puppy cerelac later slowly introduction to solid food is the best practice. Every few days, the ratio of liquid to solid will be lesser. By week 7, most Beagle puppies are eating a purely solid diet. For the first 7-8 weeks, the puppy should be fed the same brand at least 6-7 small meals that you start with, any immediate changeover in diet or brand can lead to an upset stomach. Later as the puppy grows keep increasing the meal size and reduce the number of meals. Once the Beagle crosses the 7 months mark work your way down to 2 meals per day.

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Recommended foods for Beagle Dog:

  • Organs (liver, heart)
  • Fish
  • White chicken meat
  • Lamb
  • Blueberries
  • Sweet potato
  • Green beans
  • Sweet peas
  • Cottage cheese
  • Baby carrots
  • Whole yogurt
  • Raspberries
  • Plain white or brown rice
  • Pasta

Avoid these:

  • Chocolate
  • Grapes and Raisins
  • Onions
  • Tea and coffee
  • Salt
  • Soda
  • Fruit pits and seeds

Beagle Dog Grooming:

Although Beagle has a small coat, it is not very difficult to manage the grooming.  It is always better to begin grooming a Beagle when he or she is a puppy, you will find that in as soon as a few short weeks, he will begin to enjoy this time.

Many canine discover brushing to be soothing, in as a lot as people take pleasure in a pleasant again therapeutic massage. In addition, tub time might be an effective way to bond along with your Beagle.

It is always a good idea to make a habit of routine grooming immediately after you bring your puppy home.

Reward your Beagle with treats for staying still and allowing his paws, muzzle, teeth and ears to be touched.

If your dog doesn’t like to be groomed, you may need to implement more desensitization training. Begin by just using your hand instead of a brush to allow your dog to get used to sitting still while being touched. As days and week progress, do this for an increasingly longer time and then slowly switch from hand to brush.

Keep a grooming kit; it’s easier to take care of things when everything is in one place.

Beagle Dog Care & Health Tips:

Bringing a Beagle puppy home will be a very exciting time and within no time he/she is going to be a very integrated part of the family. But with happiness, positivity, and huge energy he/she will bring home a set amount of responsibility as well. Proper puppy care will lead to a dog both emotionally and physically healthy.

Beagles have a short, water-resistant coat with a moderate-high rate of shedding not picking much debris so just the basic eye, nose cleanups will be fine. Make sure you keep their floppy ears clean regularly to prevent ear infections.

Make sure to note these points and try to follow each one of them to have healthier, smart and happy Beagle.

  1. Follow the right diet plan offering all-natural food
  2. Right Supplement when needed
  3. On-time grooming
  4. Use Harness, not a collar when on a leash (helps in more freely breathing)
  5. Regular Exercise
  6. Avoid hotter time of the day in summers.
  7. Regular veterinary wellness check-ups.
  8. Start the training early around 2-3 months of Beagle’s age at the right time.

Supplies for Beagle dog & puppies:

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