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Best 5 Amazing Grooming Hacks for Your Pet In 2021!

Bringing home a dog or any other pet and caring for him like your child can be a tiresome affair for many.

Every pet requires regular grooming either at home or through any professional grooming agency.

Pet grooming refers to the process of enhancing the pet’s appearance that involves complete body cleaning, hair trimming, nail clipping, drying, etc.

Now, if you can afford it, you’d hand over this duty to a nearby pet grooming agency.

If not, you can also take your pet’s grooming commitment into your hands and the next five 5 hacks will prove beneficial in this regard.

Top 5 grooming hacks for your pet in 2021


Besides thickening any gravy or a pie filling, you can utilize cornstarch to:

Untangle your pet’s mats or hairs.

Brighten up the white patches on their body.

To dry clean/shampoo your pet.

Give your pet a quick brush before bathing

As you’d that long hairs are prone to tangling and developing knots, this situation worsens after a bath.

Hence, it’s recommended to give your pet a quick brush before bathing. Below is how you can professionally brush up your pet.

  • Use a boar bristle hairbrush.
  • For stubborn mats, use a de-matting comb.
  • Use a slicker brush for loose hairs.
  • Round up with a pin brush & pet-based comb.

Set up your pet’s bathing area to convince him for a bath

While some pets are fond of bathing and will cooperate well..

others are not!

However, here’s a tip to make them fond of water and thus, bathing.

According to a survey, it was found that pets feel comfortable while bathing if you’re using proper tools for the same. For example,

  • A non-slip bathing mat.
  • Any hand-held sprayer with a nozzle.
  • Your pet-friendly hair shampoo.
  • Most importantly, treats to bribe your pet.

Use coconut oil

Coconut is a boon for everyone who uses it. It serves uncountable benefits to both humans and pets as contains healthy fatty acids like lauric acid. It constitutes anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and antifungal properties.

For pets, coconut oil moisturizes their dry & scaly nose, pads on the paws, hairs, ears, etc.

Besides, being 100% organic, your pet can even lick some of it (for internal benefits).

Other benefits of coconut oil for pets include:

  • Coconut oil disinfects and soothes wounds.
  • It repels ticks and fleas.
  • It improves their dental health.
  • If you supplement your pet’s food with a dash of coconut oil, it’ll enhance their digestive system and brain function.

The vet’s recommended quantity of coconut oil: 1/4th teaspoon for smaller pets and 1-teaspoon for bigger pets.

Give supplements to your pet

Talking specifically about pets here, supplements are very constructive for them. For pets, there are different kinds of supplement oils like flaxseed oil, salmon oil, fish oil, etc.

While salmon oil lends a brighter, denser, and healthier coat to your pet…

flaxseed oil’s Omega-6 fatty acids nourish the outer skin and improve the immune system.

Fish oil also works towards a healthy fur coat alongside taking care of his heart health, allergies, etc.

Be it any pet you own, all these hacks will suit everyone and work towards the all-round development of your pet.

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