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Fed up with dog peeing indoors? These 5 ways can help you out!

Can you recall that miserable and liable look your canine glimmers when he’s been found culpable of peeing in the house? If found red-handed, your first thought of mind might be to chide him, yet is that going to prevent him from doing that once more? The answer is NO!!

There could be a few clinical reasons why your toilet-trained canine is peeing in the house. If it’s because of any clinical issue, counseling a vet can be your smartest option. If your canine is fine and healthy, here are the top 5 tips on how to prevent your canine from peeing in again at home.

5 ways to prevent your dog from peeing at home

If your canine is fine and healthy, follow these tried and tested ways to prevent accidental peeing of your dog inside the house.

Don’t yell or scold your dog

Avoid rebuffing or shouting at your pet for peeing indoors. This will probably backfire. Instead of realizing that peeing in the house is wrong conduct, your dog may find that its master is unusual or perilous to be near. Furthermore, your canine may make it unwilling to pee before you even outside which would prompt more indoor peeing accidents.

  • Remove the smell as soon as possible

Tidying up the area/spot of urination at the earliest opportunity with any cleaner can prevent your dog from getting attracted towards peeing again. How? Due to their excellent smelling abilities, your canine can easily perceive the pee smell and imagine that inside is a worthy spot for it to pee all things considered.

  • If not toilet/potty trained, train your dog now!

Positive toilet training is the best option you can try above all. Teach your dog from an early age to look out for a comfortable spot/area outdoors to pee. It may be a nearby garden, your balcony, etc. Training will take time and test your patience but above that, it’s similar to instilling good conduct in your canine that will help in the long run in your absence/presence. Hence, toilet train your pooch to prevent him from peeing here and there in the home.

  • Incorporate enough bathroom breaks

While training, include more bathroom breaks so your dog doesn’t get used to holding his pee. It will also affect your dog’s bladder. If the dog is made to hold the pee for a longer period, chances are higher that if he is unable to find an appropriate place to urinate, the dog will find it more convenient to pee inside the house.

  • Watch for certain behaviors like these!

If your dog exhibits any behavior(s) like sniffing, relentless, circling, abrupt run towards another room or corner, or anything of such kind, immediately take him out for a quick break. Even if you’re not sure about these behaviors, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Final words

Dogs tend to pee and poop wherever they feel comfortable. It can be any particular room or spot in the home, the balcony, garden, or road just outside the door. However, this habit of dogs can be changed by proper toilet training which I feel every dog must get from the master. So, either train your dog to pee at any particular location or make use of the above ways for the same.

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