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How to stop the dog from peeing at home?

Have you ever returned to the home and found it painted with wet patches and rooms filled with a pungent smell? You might have!! Frequent peeing at home or as per the language of the vets, occasional accidents are very common if you have a dog at home. While with some dogs, this problem is very frequent, other dogs may resort to indoor peeing under certain circumstances. Well, there could be an array of reasons behind both these situations like:

  • He has not been neutered;
  • Any prevailing health problem;
  • Anxiety issue;
  • Improper toilet training;
  • He hasn’t been outside much, etc.

However, no matter how innocent your dog appears to be after being proven guilty, at times, you’ll be frustrated with the smell of pee and may even become reckless. No matter what it is, I’m here to help you out of this. Below I have listed my tried & tested ways to stop any dog, pup, adult, or senior, from peeing at home. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Top 5 ways of stopping any dog from peeing indoors 2021

  1. Get your dog neutered

Do you know that dogs and wolves have one thing in common and that’s territory marking? Just like wolves are known to mark their territory, dogs too, are bred in such a way that whether they live in the wild or get domesticated, they will mark their territory. Dogs do this through peeing around that region. It’s more common with male canines than the female ones. So, my recommendation is to get your dog neutered as soon as possible to lower down the hormones promoting such behavior in him.

  • Get over your ammonia-based floor cleaning products

Yes, I know many of you will counter me here by educating me that ammonia-based floor cleaners are best and proactive against germs and bacteria at the spot where the dog has urinated. However, your dog won’t understand this, and let me inform you, dogs contemplate the smell of ammonia-based liquids as the smell of urine. So, no matter how clean the surface you’re getting by using such cleaners, your dog’s sensitive nose can easily pick that smell and may feel tempted to repeat the sin of peeing there again!

If you have to clean the surface completely so that even your dog fails to pick his urine smell again, use a good-quality enzyme-based stain remover. Such cleaners will wipe out every possible stain and smell from that spot with ease.

  • Don’t yell or punish your dog

I know this is the very first response of many dog owners when they catch their four-legged companion peeing inside. This, in every aspect, is not advisable and will fail miserably if you feel such yelling or scolding will benefit you in this regard.

If you ever catch your dog peeing at home and resort to yelling or punishment, your dog may consider “peeing” a bad thing as a whole and not the fact of doing it indoors. Got it? This will make him hold his bladder until he gets to step outside which is again harmful to their health.

  • Reward your dog for peeing outside

If you’re toilet training your dog, it’s considered best to reward them with treats or kind words (pets can understand these kind words!). Such behavior of yours will make them comprehend that they’ve been praised for peeing outside. So, from the next time onwards, to get applauded again, they will look towards peeing in the open.

  • Take your dog outside at regular intervals

I feel that the behavior of the pets has much more to do with the bad or good habits of their dogs. Yes, it’s true. For instance, if you’re a lazy kind of human and doesn’t pay importance to the fact that your dog needs to be taken outside at regular intervals for peeing or potty, they are more likely to resort to doing them indoors. It’s common with the young dogs as they don’t know when to notify you for a walk outside while the older dogs will find ample ways to interrupt you in your work when they feel like going outside for play or peeing/potty.

Hence, don’t be lazy and actively take your dog outside at regular intervals so they get used to urinating in the backyard or any other open space they usually visit.

Final words!

These are my tried and successful prevention tips regarding dogs peeing indoors on carpets, walls, furniture, etc. So, what’s your technique of stopping your dog from peeing at home? We all would like to know that.

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