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     The year comes with many seasons based on your geographical hemisphere but most parts of the world have their major seasons as spring, summer, fall and winter. With every new season comes climatic changes, to us we just see it as a change in weather conditions and maybe temperature but our furry friends on the other hand see it as an opportunity to explore a whole new world filled with new exciting smells and feelings.

     Let’s take a look at spring, a season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again. A perfect time to take your dogs out for a walk as they sniff each flower at the roadside as they walk pass and chase down squirrels that come out to play after the long winter. Then we have summer, the hottest season of the year. This can be a good time to cool off especially our furry friends with all that fur on them. A great time to take your furry friend on a trip to the water park or pool. Even the beach would do just fine to catch some fresh air and enjoy the summer sun but not too much now to avoid having a heatstroke haha! Then comes autumn also known as fall, when the leaves starts changing colors and falling to the ground. Well this could be a lot of work with all the raking of leaves but for our furry friends on the other hand would enjoy running through the piles of leaves and having a blast. Then comes the coldest season of them all winter. Where snow starts to fall and everyone is snuggled up with their families at home. Well you could still take your furry friends out to get some supplies once in a while. They could play in the snow or enjoy the cold winter breeze on their fur but don’t forget their scarfs and head warmers now haha!

     Well just don’t keep your furry friends indoor all year long but let them enjoy all the wonderful seasons as they come. I’m sure they would be really grateful to enjoy the wonders of the seasons even more than us humans.

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