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We make raw food easy

Every day more and more concerned pet parents are discovering the amazing benefits of raw food. At Pro Breeds all the nutrients and benefits that a Raw food has to offer is kept intact taking out all the water content without cooking or using any chemicals and preservatives.

Every 1 gram of pro breed’s food makes 4 times of the nutritious and taste of fresh, raw food  within just few minutes once added water again.

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You shouldn’t be the only one eating healthy

Can you allow your children’s to eat junk food every day for every meal? If you love your pet like your family, you will have to be serious about the food you put in their bowl.

Enzymes found in fresh, raw foods not only play an important role in digestion but support your pet’s overall well-being. Enzymes allow your animal’s body to absorb essential nutrients he wouldn’t otherwise benefit from.

Know It

Before you feed it

It’s very important to check the ingredient section first before making buying decision. Most of the cheap pet food brands don’t even bother to show ingredients section anywhere and rather focus more on fancy words like premium food or grain free, corn free etc.


between the best available pet food

Dehydrated Has Real Ingredients

Processing of kibble is much easier and can make a lot of money but the processing of kibble kills most of its nutrients. We always had in our minds, that our feed should be real, whole, pure. We could never see an alternative of keeping our food as close as to Raw.

Dehydrated Is Natural

We think “natural” should actually mean what it says. That’s why we use only natural, raw ingredients and never cook it. We use only vitamins and minerals derived from real, natural foods. Nothing artificial. No unnecessary preservatives. No compromises.

What Makes Pro Breeds Better?

We believe in feeding raw food because we know the difference it can make in a pet’s life. It can be the best choice to choose raw food for your dog but it can be dangerous at the same time as well because of the bacteria’s present in it (Specially in the meat).

So we minimally process it by balancing the nutrients and removing all the harmful bacteria’s without using any preservatives or destroying any of the natural contents. So that means that Pro Breeds pet food has all the natural benefits of raw food with the convenience of kibble.


is dehydrated pet food

Pro Breeds pet food is made using almost the same natural technique used to make dry fruits like Cashews, dates, Almonds, Apricots etc. which are considered as super foods. Like dry fruits our pet food is filled with healthy ingredients with high nutritional value removing the water content from it.

Most of the  fruits, vegetables or animals contain about 70-80% of the water, which when dehydrated becomes very light leaving only the nutrients. You will be shocked to know when 10 kilo’s of Papaya is dried, it becomes only 1 kilograms. That is the reason dried fruits are very expensive as compared to their natural state.


to choose pro breed’s complete diet

Our purest recipes never make use of any artificial colors, fillers or flavors to keep it natural and unlike kibble, our food is never cooked at high temperature to keep 100% of it’s nutritional value intact and healthy. But you don’t have to believe us. See how real, raw nutrition can transform the lives of your pets. See the difference in just 25-30 days, From super shinny coat to amazing energy level, healthier teeth and gums to better temperament.


Label Ingredients

Chicken meal, Goat meal, Chicken heart, Goat liver, Chicken fat, Amaranth, Rice, Fish, Corn, Whole Egg, Apple, Papaya, Cucumber, Pumpkin, beetroot, Carrot, Whole ground flaxseeds, Green peas, beans, Pumpkin seeds, Mint, Ginger powder, Coconut oil and other seasonal vegetables and fruits.

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net wt. – 1.5 kgs

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Pro Breed's Reviews

It is very important to take genuine review from each and every customer. Till now we have delivered over 10,000 meals out of which we have received 99% positive feedback.

" My dog was under weight and had a serious problem of hair fall tried drools, pedigree and Royal Canin but problem continued later vet prescribed Pro Breed's complete diet .This healthier diet may cost a little more than the kibble or canned food but it has saved me thousands of rupees on vet bills.”

Soumya Nagarajan

"“My dogs LOVE the food and I love the convenience and nutritional value that it has to offer!”

Ramesh Bhatt

"If you love your dog feed him food from Pro Breed's menu. Your dog will love it and you will love knowing it is healthy and safe.

Sangeeta Desai

"Feeding Pro Breeds food, we have noticed clearer eyes, shinier coat, and much more energy!

Dr. Saraansh Bhede