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German Shepherd – Heavy Bone Imported line


  • The German shepherd is a well-suited companion for family, Guarding or working dog.
  • German Shepherd are extremely protective because of which get bad reputation of being overly-aggressive.
  • German Shepherd love physical and mental exercise. Because of their high energy German Shepherd are always ready for action. They are very energetic, active, and athletic. Additionally, they have above-average intelligence and trainability, when positive reinforcement training methods used.
  • Devoted Loyal and Protective – German shepherd’s sometime may forget how big they are and can act like puppies leaning on you, nudging you, trying to get on your lap or jump at you.
  • German shepherd dog are very trustful, affectionate, playful and friendly to every age group of the family.
  • Female
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German Shepherd MALE FEMALE
Weight 30 Kg – 45 Kg 25 Kg – 35 Kg
Height 61 Cm – 69 Cm 56 Cm – 63 Cm

Basic Information of German Shepherd puppies:

Breed Type Working
Origin Germany
Life Span 9-13 yrs
Litter Size 5-10 puppies
German Shepherd puppies Price Range Inr 15,000 to Inr 35,000 across India
Coat Single and Double Coat.
Daily Exercise 1-2 hours/ day to keep them happy, active and Healthy
Colour Found Tan with Black saddle sable, Solid back or bicolor
Temperament & Speciality Obedient, Powerful, Protective calm, fearless, courageous, Alert, Smart
Training Advice Easy to train, Socialization is essential, Avoid Physical Discipline and Yelling, Be gentle, and patient.

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Affection Level High
Kid-Friendly High
Energy Level High
Intelligence High
Tendency to Bark Medium
Playfulness Medium
Average Body Temperature 35-39 degree Celsius


American Pitbull

Saint Bernard


Black, Black & Tan, Red & Black


Female, Male


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