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The powerful nose your dog has

Yes, your dog has a powerful nose and that’s an asset to both your dog and you as the owner. The extent of functionalities with extraordinary potential, a dog’s nose is its greatest boon that solicits him often as sniff dogs for cops. But what’s that special element in their nose that’s nonexistent in ours? How come their smelling power is so strong and accurate? Does their nose work differently than that of humans? If you’re seeking answers to these general queries for a long time, get them now!

To understand the smelling power of your dog, you’d have to understand this. While we smell the chocolate cake, for example, your dog will be smelling its ingredients like cocoa powder, sugar, flour, and so on. Isn’t it possible at our end? No!

The above is because against merely 6 million olfactory receptors we humans have in our nose, your dog boasts of over 300 million olfactory receptors in his nose!

Another common observation in regards to a dog’s sniffing powers is that they can easily differentiate their owner’s footprints on the floor even if they get insulated with the footmarks of other people. Have you wondered how they do this? Your dog’s special ability to layer out to scent is the reason behind this. The world of dogs revolves around smells. Their nose is designed in such a manner that they can sense any smell from an object kept insulated for weeks. If this isn’t enough, upon arriving home from outside, your canine can easily make out the different smells your body has, for example, the smell of another dog who might have in contact with you!

As I said that dogs have over 300 million scent receptors housed in their nose, this number also contributes towards their odor analyzing power which is approximately 40 times better than ours! So, now you know why your dog can easily locate you in a core jungle just by following your odor!!

Now, coming to your dog’s smelling accuracy, scientists ascertain that a dog’s sense of smell is around one lakh times more accurate than ours. To exemplify this, your dog can sense sugar in a million gallons of water against your ability to do so in just a cup! Some farmers in foreign countries are also believed to pick out rotten apples from billion barrels utilizing a dog’s sniffing capacity.

Another interesting thing about your dog is that he/she doesn’t read your body structure or behavior to know whether you’re happy, sad, or scared. Your dog will smell you out from the top to bottom to understand these!! That’s another cool function your dog puts his nose into.

Last but not least, let’s know about your dog’s nose working mechanism. Humans breathe and smell from the same nostrils within their nose. This we had learned in the school’s biology book. However, dogs smell and breathe from separate nostrils within their nose.

This fortifies their smelling power and breathing power at the same time. Also, the aerodynamic reach of both of these nostrils is smaller than the distance between them.

This way, they can capitulate which nostril the odor has arrived in. And this only helps them locate the direction they have to move ahead. So, what’s your take on your dog’s powerful NOSE??

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